Poor's Son Became A Millionaire Today Due To YouTube, Owner OF Expensive House And Car Today

Poor's Son Became, A Millionaire Today, Due To YouTube, Owner OF Expensive, House And Car Today,

Trending News: In this news today we are going to tell the story of such a person. Hearing which you too will be stunned. From sweeping people's homes. Waiter work. This poor's son did it. And it even came to the point of selling on the streets at lower prices. But today this person has all those things. which he had dreamed of.

What is poverty Only a poor person can understand this. Something similar happened with Mohammad Arbaaz. Mohammad Arbaz was one such person. Which takes a total of 17 rupees. Came to Delhi from UP. them at a very young age. Had to face many difficult turns of life. After the death of the father, all the responsibility of the expenses of the house fell on him. The situation has come to such an extent that To feed them, they sweep people's houses and Read to sell even lower on the street. But today Arbaaz Khan has reached that stage. He travels abroad. And today people have started recognizing him in every corner.

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Arbaaz become a star

Arbaaz Khan today through his YouTube channel. He has earned that position. Hardly any person has been able to earn till now = because of the situation from which Arbaaz Khan has come out. And stood like a rock. He really deserves praise.

They say that social media reaches from the road to the sky. Something similar happened with Arbaaz Khan. Today Arbaaz Khan has reached that point. Seeing which you will also say. There is something about this boy.

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First of all, Arbaaz earned a waiter in a hotel in Delhi in 2015. After this he also worked in a call center. Where he used to work in selling insurance. In a YouTube channel interview, Arbaaz told that he had to lie to avoid insurance. Which he didn't like at all. After this he started selling lowers on the streets.

And after that he used to earn some more money. Move towards Bangalore. Where he even worked as a delivery boy. In this episode, Arbaaz came to know about YouTube. He came to know that money can be earned even by making videos from YouTube. So he got a little interest in YouTube. And he also started making videos by making a YouTube channel.

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Arbaaz's Youtube journey

In the year 2016, after making his YouTube channel, Arbaaz started putting videos on it. Although initially Arbaaz did not get any response. Nor did he get views on his videos. He put an unemployment related video on his channel. On which one lakh views came. And people also gave a lot of love to that video. Through this video, he got an income of Rs.120 through YouTube. Even Arbaaz had a dream that. He should go abroad and make a video. But he could not fulfill this dream due to lack of money.

After working as a delivery boy in Bangalore. He came back to Delhi. Here now he started the work of selling lower. And along with this he also started doing photography. While working, he also used to save some money. And after depositing that money, first of all he went to visit Egypt. Here he made many videos of Egypt. Posted on my channel. Which went viral. And from here the real journey of Arbaaz Khan started. And today he has reached this point. Everyone knows him. And more and more people like to watch his YouTube channel.

If you also go to Arbaaz's channel and see. So you too can travel to new places with them. Because you are seeing the journey of new foreign places on that channel. And he is also getting good response on YouTube. And every one of his videos gets views in lakhs. And thousands of people encourage them by commenting.