Oscar Winner Said Such Words For Aamir Khan That Will Blow Your Senses

Oscar Winner Said Such Words For Aamir Khan That Will Blow Your Senses

Trending News: Social media platform is one such platform. On which crores of news keep going viral every day. All types of videos. Variety of photos. All gossips and controversial things. It is common for all these to go viral.

About whom we are going to tell in this news. That actress does not belong to any Bollywood industry. Rather she is an actress from Malaysia. Yes friends, we are talking about this news. Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh. one days

Michelle Yeoh is quite visible on social media.

That's why Michelle Yeoh remains the subject of headlines on social media. Because recently, Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh has been awarded the Oscar Winning Award.

Let us tell you that the 95th Academy Award was given to Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh. Everything everywhere at all wins in the program. The film won an Oscar award. She is the first Malaysian actress. Who has got Oscar Winning Award. Now you must be thinking that. What does this Malaysian actress have to do with Aamir Khan? Let us tell you that too in detail in the news below.

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Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh has a crush on Aamir Khan

Let us tell you an interview of Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh on social media. The virus seems to be spreading very fast. In this video, she is seen referring to Aamir Khan. During the video interview. This actress is saying that. I haven't worked with Aamir Khan yet. But Aamir Khan and me. We both remain ambassadors of an NGO brand.

Along with this in this interview. She also seems to be saying that. He has not yet worked with Aamir Khan but. If he ever gets a chance in the future. She would love to do a film with Aamir Khan. Because he said that Aamir Khan is a good person personally.