Now This Actress is Heavy on Urfi Javed, Has Created a Ruckus on Instagram With Small Clothes!

Aabha Paul bold photos, Abha Paul

These days Urfi Javed's name is in headlines on social media, seeing her intimate clothes, people can be seen trolling her, but Urfi keeps posting pictures wearing unsightly clothes without caring for anyone. But now many such famous actresses are coming forward in the industry to beat Urfi, who are in headlines these days for their boldness.

Abha Paul

The first name of these actresses comes from Abha Paul. Abha has worked in series like the film Gandi Baat. Abha's name is one of the hottest models. These days he is getting a lot of headlines for his bold clothes.

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Sophia Ansari

Sofia Ansari is that Bollywood actress whose name is more known for her boldness than acting in her films. Sophia has now become a social media star because of her intimate clothes. Not only this, he is fully prepared to beat Urfi Javed in boldness.

Namrata Malla

Namrata Malla is rocking in Bhojpuri films more than Hindi films, due to which she is called Urfi Javed of Bhojpura. Her bikini looks dominate the social media. This actress also makes people's heartbeats faster by sharing such pictures.

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Shweta Sharma

Actress Shweta Sharma, who has set the Bhojpuri industry on fire with her boldness, is also beating Urfi Javed in terms of boldness these days. Videos of her bikini look with skimpy clothes become increasingly viral on social media accounts.

Neha Malik

This actress, who has worked in the Bhojpuri industry, is also setting the internet on fire with her bold look. These days this hot actress is rocking the Punjabi industry and has become a sensation on the internet as well.

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Lopamudra Raut

This actress has been an ex-contestant of Bigg Boss and has become a sensation on social media these days. Let us tell you that Urfi Javed is zero in front of the beauty and boldness of the actress.