Mountain OF Sorrows Broke ON The Fans, Sushmita Sen Kept Moaning in Pain

Mountain OF Sorrows Broke ON The Fans, Sushmita Sen Kept Moaning in Pain

Sushmita Sen Update: These days the news of heart attack coming to Bollywood film stars has shaken the entire film industry. Right now people could not forget the death of Siddharth Shukla, comedian Raju Srivastava, singer KK that the shocking revelations given by Sushmita Sen have shaken them once again.

Recently, Sushmita Sen informed the fans on her Instagram that she had suffered a heart attack. Due to which he underwent angioplasty and a stent has also been inserted. The actress revealed this by sharing a picture taken with her father on social media that she had a heart attack. After this revelation of Sushmita Sen, from fans to film stars are quite scared. Everyone is praying for the long life of the actress. And is praising their courage and wishing them good health forever.

On hearing the news of Sushmita Sen's attack, her well-wishers have given their reactions, in which actress Tabu commented on the post and wrote, "Lots of love super girl." Actress Poonam Dhillon wrote, "Stay healthy - you are an amazing woman! May God bless you with good health always. Sonal Chauhan, actress of the film Jannat, wrote for Sushmita Sen in her comment, 'Sending you love and strength.' Apart from this, other film stars have commented on the post of the actress.

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sushmita sen update

Let us tell you that 47-year-old Sushmita Sen always used to take all kinds of measures to keep her body fit. But on Thursday, the post explaining his sudden health read, Keep your heart happy and courageous, and it will be there for you when you need it most Shona" (Wise words from my father Subir Sen ). I had a heart attack a few days back angioplasty was done…stent was put in…and most importantly, my cardiologist reaffirmed ‘my heart is big’.

Sushmita Sen further wrote, 'Want to thank many people for their timely assistance and action. ' Thanking her well wishers, the actress wrote at the end of the post, 'This post is just to inform you (my well wishers and loved ones) the good news... that all is well and I am ready for life again. I love you guys.