Everything Fails in Front of The Hotness of Lasith Malinga's Wife


Trending News: Cricket is one such game. Which remains in discussion not only in India but also abroad. And if it comes to the comparison between India and Pakistan. The whole of India sits in front of the TV with closed eyes. Where on one hand there are many big players of cricket all over the world. So on the other hand there are many big fans of cricket.

People like the game of cricket like this. As if it is a part of his life. There are many such players, who have made a place in the hearts of crores of people, if not millions, with their game.

In this news, we will not talk about the cricket world. But in this news we are going to talk about such a cricketer. Whose wife is no less than a beautiful angel. The hotness of this player's wife is no less than that of a Hollywood actress.

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Everything fails in front of the hotness of Lasith Malinga's wife

In this news we are talking about Wife of foreign player Lasith Malinga. Lasith Malinga is counted among the players for his excellent fast bowling and excellent performance in the cricket field. If we talk about his wife there. If you see the glimpse of his wife. You will also be ready to die and fall in love with his wife.

Sri Lankan cricket team player Lasith Malinga's wife is so beautiful. That even Hollywood actresses seem to fail in front of her style.

Lasith Malinga's name is Tanya Perera. Her beauty prevails on social media. Both of them were married in 2010. And these days they are still maintaining a beautiful relationship. Tanya Perera keeps posting pictures on social media with her husband Lasith Malinga. On whom the fans are seen giving him a lot of love.