After 6 months of marriage all people fight like dog and cat for these 5 things, if the partner thinks bad then beware

Is It Normal For Couples To Fight : Fighting between couples is not a new thing. Nor is it wrong by any means. Where there is love, there must be strife.

Is It Normal For Couples To Fight : Fighting between couples is not a new thing. Nor is it wrong by any means. Where there is love, there must be strife.

India Zee News: Couples dream that everything will be sweet after marriage and they will live happily ever after. But when the real life starts, then slowly the arguments start. Arguments often arise over small matters. Arguments often get out of hand. This often causes so much anger that couples do not speak to each other for days. It is very bad that such things happen right after marriage.

In such a situation couples also feel that they did not make a mistake by getting married. But basically there is no need to think so extreme. Because in the first 6 months after marriage, all the couples have such arguments. This is very common. Only these disputes should be resolved in time. Today we are going to tell you 5 reasons why couples constantly argue.

Expecting him to convey what is on his mind without speaking

Nowadays people know each other well before marriage. That's why after marriage they expect their partner to understand everything in their mind without saying anything. But basically it is impossible to do so. No one can know what's going on in your mind without telling them. Not only the wife but also the husband can have this expectation. That is why most of the newly married couples fight with each other. Couples gradually realize how easily things can be resolved by talking to a partner.

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Trying to replace each other

It is human nature to change everything to suit yourself. People start behaving like this with their partner after marriage. Hence mutual differences start. This is a war that never ends. Always remember that you and your partner are different people, just as you have your likes and dislikes, so do they. It is foolish to expect someone to behave according to you in such a situation. Once you accept your partner with their habits, you won't have arguments about it at all. This is what you will learn in the first few months after marriage.

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Conscious of being a boring old couple

If after a few days together you feel like you've become a boring old couple, this can only add to the distance between you. It is this awareness that seeps like poison and starts arguments in relationships that often turn into fights. That's why it's important to romanticize every day. Go out for dinner, take a walk, play a board game, or exercise together. Realizing that you can have a lot of fun together despite all the hurdles that come with marriage, life becomes easier.

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Don't take the pressure of getting married

There is absolutely no need to stress and remind ourselves that we are married every day. This pressure can make it difficult for you to spend time with your partner. Do not force anything. Even if it is not love. Always remember that the more you prioritize your quality time, the stronger your relationship will be.

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Wanting personal space

Personal space is very important in a relationship. If she does not get it, the relationship starts to break down gradually. Love for each other ends. Your partner starts feeling like a burden rather than a responsibility. As a result of all this, quarrels start. In such a situation, every couple needs to understand that even though both of them have started a new life, they also have a life of their own and there is no need for partner's interference in that personal space. Even if every couple knows this, there will be no quarrels.