Affair: Husband Had To Cheat Dearly, Seeing His Wife With a 20-Year-Old Boy, The Husband

Affair: Husband Had To Cheat Dearly, Seeing His Wife With a 20-Year-Old Boy, The Husband

The relationship between husband and wife is bound by the thread of love and trust. But when both these things are not there between husband and wife, then the bond of relationship breaks soon. As happened with a soldier. This soldier engaged in the service of patriotism found it very difficult to stay away from his wife.

This is the story of a soldier who followed in the footsteps of his father and joined the military to serve the country. When he was engaged in the service of the country with his devotion, his childhood friend Shreya entered his life.

Although there was a lot of difference in the nature of both, Shreya was of cheerful nature while the same boy was of serious and introverted type, but even after this both of them got married with the consent of the family.

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The time after marriage was very good but after some time he was posted in Assam, after that the soldier had to go there. After this, days, weeks and many months passed. Shreya kept calling him anxious to meet her husband. But due to non-availability of holidays, could not get a single chance to meet his wife. The things that used to happen over the phone, now instead of calling, letters have started to be written like in the old times. Slowly talking on video calls also stopped. The reply to the letters sent by the husband also stopped coming.

Then came the happy moment when after one and a half year and 2 months got a chance to go back home for 2 weeks. During that time there was no limit to the happiness of both. Shreya was also very happy to hear the news of her husband's arrival. The entire 2 weeks of vacation were spent happily. But after a day or two, trouble started appearing on Shreya's face. Though the soldier was unable to understand Shreya's plight, he did everything he could to make her happy.

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i wanted to surprise

After 2 weeks, the soldier was again posted for 8 months. After that I got leave again. Then I decided to surprise my wife by not telling her about coming back. I didn't tell him that I was coming home. I was overjoyed to imagine the happiness on her face.

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she was having with the boy

As soon as the soldier entered the house, seeing the view of the house, he trembled for a moment. Everything in the house was lying in disarray. Keeping his bag in a corner, carrying a bouquet of flowers in his hand, he proceeded towards the bedroom to meet his wife. Opening the door of the bedroom, the husband was shocked to see the view there. Shreya was in the arms of a boy. Both of them were making relation.

On seeing this sight, the bouquet fell from his hand on the floor. Shreya was completely shocked by her husband's noise. Shreya shouts and apologizes. But the husband was badly hurt by this betrayal of his wife, far from talking to his wife, he was hating even her face. At last the wife said crying that after I left she was completely alone. It was his loneliness that prompted him to cheat. She was begging in front of me but my heart was not able to forgive her.