22 year old bride and 65 year old husband, this is the reason why husband is sad and wife is disappointed after marriage


INDIA ZEE NEWS: If we talk about husband and wife, then you would think that there is something to be discussed in this, but if the wife is 22 and the husband is 65, then it would be surprising to hear this. But this story is of such a couple, whose age is 43 years apart. This couple has made everyone aware of the problems they face while traveling. Actually, when this husband and wife stay in a hotel during the journey, the hoteliers behave strangely with them. As a couple, if they demand an attached double bed so that both can sleep together. Still, they are given such a room in which there is a separate arrangement for sleeping.

While the husband and wife want to sleep together on the same bed, but due to the hoteliers, they face problems on a daily basis. Let us tell you that husband and wife are very popular on social media and both handle joint accounts. The name of this account is 'Shaadi Shafiq'. This couple has shared with the people the problems being faced in the hotels on the coming days.

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They tell their loved ones that whenever they both go on vacation, they face many problems. In the video going viral, the couple told that 'when we check in, hotels always provide two big beds. While we speak for the same twin bed. In the viral video, the couple is seen sitting on hotel beds that are spread apart in the same room, holding each other's hands. In this video, the wife tells how the girl leaves her husband, telling how she is in trouble.

This video of this couple is becoming fiercely viral, people are watching this video again and again and also commenting. Many commenters are praising the hotel, while some users are making fun of this couple, saying that due to the difference in their age, they are given two beds. Someone even said that, 'When I got married, I had asked for two separate bedrooms.' While a user wrote, 'The hoteliers must have thought that you both are father and daughter.