TVS iQube Did Wonders By Selling More Than 200 Units in A Single Day, See Price And Features

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TVS Motorcycle Company is also launching more than one electric scooter nowadays. Jai scooters have great features and great designs as well as long range. TVS Motor recently introduced its electric scooter TVS iQube in the domestic market with new features and design. This electric scooter has been launched with many new updates, in which the company has claimed that its range is more than before. The company sold more than 200 of this electric scooter in Delhi in a day.

Since the day the company launched this electric scooter, more than 2000 units of this scooter have been delivered in Delhi alone. To deliver these scooters, the company had organized 1 mega event. In this event, the company gave the keys of these scooters to its customers. This includes both its variants which are as follows .iQube and iQube S. Launched by the company, both the models are tremendous in appearance and design. The company has launched both these models this year.

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These scooters of the company have been launched with great features and long range. This electric scooter has a battery of 3.4 kWh capacity. This scooter covers a distance of up to 100 kilometers in a single charge. Its battery takes 4.30 hours to charge. Once its battery is fully charged, it costs only ₹ 18. Talk about their price, both iQube and iQube S are respectively Rs 99,130 and Rs 1.04 lakh onroad in Delhi. This also includes the subsidy received by FAME II. This scooter has a 7-inch TFT display. This electric scooter has features like HMI control and reverse parking. Which makes your journey even more wonderful. It also has music player controls. It has 17 liters of storage under the seat. It also has a USB charger. Its weight is 118.8 kg. Its top speed is 78 kilometers per hour.