This New Electric Scooter Came To Shock Everyone With Range, Read Details

This New Electric Scooter Came To Shock Everyone With Range, Read Details

Thunderbolt Electra: People are preferring to buy electric two wheelers amid rising petrol prices in the country. In such a situation, many two wheeler manufacturers are introducing their new electric two wheelers in the vehicle market. Thunderbolt Electra is also the company's popular electric scooter in the country's electric two wheeler market. Its look is attractive and the company has made a tremendous range available in it. This scooter comes with many modern features. Today in this report we will give you information related to this scooter.

Thunderbolt Electra battery pack details

In the company's electric scooter Thunderbolt Electra, you get a 2.4 Kw Lithium Ion battery pack. Which is combined with a powerful electric motor. The battery pack fitted in this electric scooter can be fully charged in 4 to 5 hours. Talking about the range of this electric scooter, once fully charged, this electric scooter can be run up to a range of 110 to 120 km. In this electric scooter, you get a loading capacity of 150 km.

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Dimensions of Thunderbolt Electra

The company has launched this electric scooter in the market with excellent specifications. This scooter is 740mm wide, 1,875mm long and 1,140mm high. Along with this, you get 215mm of ground clearance and 1,350mm of wheelbase. For better braking, the company offers disc brakes on both its wheels.

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Thunderbolt Electra Features and Prices

In Thunderbolt Electra, you get to see digital speedometer as well as LED lights, LED display, Bluetooth as well as many smart features. At the same time, the company also provides wide seat and flat leg foot. Its price has been kept by the company at Rs 79,999 in the Indian market. You can also book it online.