The Smallest Electric Car Will Be Launched, Maruti Alto Will Be Eliminated on The Basis OF Features

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Mini Electric Car: A tremendous electric car is being launched in India. In this, Kota has the largest electric lineup and people are also liking its vehicles. But the company has launched and now a new electric car is going to be launched very soon.

This electric car named MG Comet EV is going to be launched very soon. The small electric car is going to compete with Alto as Alto is the most bought in this segment. People can shift to this small electric car from people's favorite Alto. MG will present it in a very unique style.

MG Comet EV Battery

This electric car can become the first choice of the people. Because its cost is going to be very less. It will get two options of single speed automatic unit. There will be two battery options in it. In this, the first 30 kWh battery will be available and the second is 50 kWh battery.

Both the batteries generate 40 bhp power and 67 bhp power respectively. If you are also looking to buy a car in a budget, then this can be a good option. After waiting for some time, this electric car can be seen running on the Indian road.

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Electric car as great as Maruti Alto

Maruti Alto 800 is quite popular and the newly launched MG Comet EV is going to be even smaller. This electric is making a lot of noise in China and the global market. It is a very good looking foreign model and measures 1505 mm in width, 2599 mm in length and has a wheelbase of 2974 mm. It can be a 4 seater electric car and will be tremendous in its range. Talking about the price, it will be expensive due to being an electric car. It will be launched around Rs 10 lakh.