The Best selling Car Tata Nexon is Now Available For Only 5 Lakh Rupees

The Best selling Car Tata Nexon is Now Available For Only 5 Lakh Rupees

Second Hand Tata Nexon Car: We all know this thing. That Tata Nexon is one such car. which is liked by all. Due to this choice, this car is today one of the best selling SUVs in the country. If seen nowadays, its demand is very high in the car market. Anyway, nowadays the demand for second hand cars is also very high in the market.

If we talk about the old Tata Nexon, then people like to buy it too. In such a situation, if you also want to buy an old Tata Nexon car. So let us tell you about some old Nexon cars whose condition is like new.

The name of the website where you will get Tata Nexon at lowest price is . Cars24. The cars listed for sale on this website. Its cost is around 5 lakh rupees. Let us tell you about it.

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Second Hand Tata Nexon Car in just Rs 5 Lakh

For your information, let us tell you that Tata NEXON XM 1.2 MANUAL of the year 2018 has been listed on this website. The car has covered a total of 74,292 kms till date. This is a petrol engine car. This is a first owner car now. The demand for this car is Rs 5,35,000. This car is registered for Noida.

The second car on the same website is the 2018 Tata NEXON XMA 1.5 Automatic. This car has run 94,046 km till now. The price of this car is Rs.5,35,000. This is a petrol engine car. And first owner car too.

The Tata NEXON XE REVOTORQ MANUAL car of the year 2021 is on this website. Whose price is Rs 8,21,000. This car has run 29,918 km till now. This car is diesel engine. Moreover, this is also a first owner car.

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