TATA Nano is Giving Competition With New Look And Powerful Features

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TATA Nano: India's veteran industrialist Ratan Tata is the name who has magic in his hands that can turn even soil into gold. Ratan Tata's dream car Tata Nano came in such a gold form, which created panic as soon as it came on the roads of India, there was a time when the market of other big companies was completely covered due to the arrival of Tata Nano Car. But after some time this Lakhtakia car TATA Nano has stopped appearing in the market. Why Ratan Tata's dream project had to be stopped, let's know the whole story of the sinking of Tata Nano..

In the year 2008, this dream project of Ratan Tata Nano car was displayed in the market. After its investigation, it was launched in the year 2009. After the explosive entry of this car, people started buying this car in a big way. After the continuous sale, there was a lot of enthusiasm among the people about Tata Nano. A large section of India had started seeing themselves associated with this dream of Ratan Tata.

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'Common people's car' Nano hit the roads in 2009

To buy this car of Tata Motors, more common class people than rich people came forward to buy it. The craze of Nano car increased so much from children and old to youth that Ratan Tata himself started calling it the car of common people.

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Lakhtakia car came for bike and scooter people

Tata Motors introduced the Nano car as the Lakhtakia car. One of the reasons behind this was disclosed by Ratan Tata during an interview that he wanted to see every person who walks on a bike and a scooter walk in his car. Tata Motors' dream was that a small family of four would be much safer in this car than in a bike. This was the reason that the starting price of the Nano car was kept close to one lakh rupees.

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Lakhtakia name became trouble, closed in 10 years

The Nano car initially created a lot of buzz, but after some time its sales decreased. Tata Nano had stopped its production in the year 2018 itself, seeing the declining sales of Tata Motors. After the implementation of BS-IV emission norms, it was decided to discontinue the Nano car.

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Why the cheapest car could not become the choice of common people?

The effect of Tata Nano car was so dirty that there were incidents of people setting fire to these vehicles. Which made a deep impact on the image of the car. After this, spreading it as the cheapest car also became heavy for Nano. At that time, people started keeping distance from Nano because of the tag of 'cheap car'.

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Ratan Tata still proud of Nano

During an interview, Ratan Tata had said that the idea of bringing this car came when he saw a family of four going on a bike during heavy rains. After which he decided to make a cheap and safe bike budget car in his mind, by the way, the flamboyance with which the Tata Nano was launched on the roads, disappeared as quietly. At the same time, now news is coming that the Nano car will be re-launched in the market as an electric vehicle.