Solar Car Made By Tata Nano, Runs 100 Km So Cheap, Know The Whole Story

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Tata Nano: More than one talented people are seen in India. Whenever we go on social media, we get to see some such inventions which surprise us. One such invention has been seen on the streets of Bengal today. A person from Bengal who previously owned a Tata Nano,

He has converted his car into a solar car. This talent of his is viral on social media today. Today we will tell how he converted the petrol powered Tata Nano into a solar powered Tata Nano.

Manoj Jeet Mandal, a businessman from Bankura village in West Bengal, got upset with the petrol prices and modified his car into a solar car. In this modification, he removed the roof and installed solar panels there. Now this solar car gives a range of 100 kilometers in ₹ 30 only by being charged with this solar panel.

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Today, when many companies are talking about launching solar cars, the conversion of Tata Nano to solar is taking people by surprise. Let us tell you that currently solar cars have been launched in UK and US market only. It is also being considered to bring it in India. But before companies launched solar cars here, Manoj has made Tata Nano solid with his understanding.

When Manoj Jeet Mandal was asked about the performance of this car, he told that there has been no decrease in its top speed. But at the moment it is being tested and they are finding out how much time it takes to charge. Apart from this, what kind of problem will come in it, it is also being tested. At present, this kind of invention is praiseworthy and India needs people like Manoj.