Scooty With 165 Km Range, 100 Speed And Very Low Price

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Electric Scooty: Along with the modern lifestyle, our environment is also changing. Increasing number of vehicles day by day has also increased the pollution. So, using electric scooty in single traffic is a better option.

Dhamtari Electric Scooty has brought a huge upliftment in the automotive industry by using new technology in a big way. The specification of this electric scooty is totally different from another scooty. It has a 12 kW motor, which reaches a speed of 100 km/h. This scooty can run up to 165 kilometers in a single charge.

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Best Electric Scooter

This scooty has a 96 volt battery, which takes 4 to 5 hours to fully charge in a single charge. This scooty is very attractive in design and features. It also gets features like LED lights, reversing camera and electric start. The price of this scooty in India is less than Rs 17,000.

Dhamtari Electric Scooty is a wonderful example of a pollution free and cost effective product. This scooty will be more useful for those who do long journeys and want to save on their fuel expenditure. With this scooty, you can easily go for a day with a single charge and save from it. This scooty has a motor of 250 watts.