Run TV Cooler And AC Bills Do Not Come At All, know The Easy Way

Run TV Cooler And AC Bills Do Not Come At All, know The Easy Way

Solar Generator For Home: You all know that the summer season has started. And in the coming time, the scorching heat is going to be read. Even if you live in a rural area. Or in a populated area. The problem of electricity is common in every area. But in such a situation, many times in the summer you have to face extreme heat due to the light going off.

Although in this era full of technology. All homes now have inverters as well. But many times this also happens. The key light goes away for hours. And your inverter also remains down. So in this case you will need it. An appliance that will continue to remove your heat continuously even when the lights go out. And that device is the Solar Generator.

Install Solar Generator at home

In this news we are going to tell you. About Solar Generator. Yes friends, this is such a tool. Which you can easily carry anywhere. And at home by easily picking up anywhere. Can be kept in any room. This is one such tool. Which also charges with electricity. And at the same time you can charge it with solar energy as well. And you charge it full. To run fans, cooler, TV, fridge etc. of your house. Can be used on such things.

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Solar Generator Features

Let us tell you that the weight of the solar generator is very less. This is one such portable solar generator. Which can be easily picked up by anyone. Be it a young man. Or woman. Or elderly anyone can easily lift it comfortably. Can be kept anywhere from one place to another. The special thing is that it is charged with electricity as well as sunlight.

If you are charging with this electricity. So for this you will need only 12 volt panel. And you from this bolt into the panel. You can charge fully by connecting this solar generator.

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Solar Generator Price

Let me tell you about the price. You can easily buy this solar generator in the market as well. Or if you do not want to buy in the market. So you can easily add it to any e commerce shopping website. Like you can order on Flipkart or Amazon too. Here its price is 52000 rupees. If you buy it by credit card or bank card. So you are also being given discount offers on this.