Preet 2549 : Most Powerful Tractor in 25 HP Range

Preet 2549 : Most Powerful Tractor in 25 HP Range

india zee news: India leading tractor manufacturer brand Preet has more than one tractor product in the market. Its latest model 2023 Preet 2549 is efficient in farming and best for many commercial uses. This is a value for money tractor producing 25 hp power which comes in 2wd option. It is fuel efficient with a powerful 1854 cc engine. Its mileage is also excellent. This saves fuel. And the total production capacity increases. The total weight of Preet 2549 tractor is 2050 kg. Due to its special specifications and features, it performs better both on-road and off-road. Despite being light, the company has given it the shape of a complete tractor. It has been equipped with comfortable facilities for operators and operators. Whereas Preet 2549 tractor price has been kept pocket friendly for the farmers. Here the full details of Preet 2549 tractor with all its specifications and features are being provided on india zee news. Must read and share and like it.

powerful engine

Preet 2549 tractor is a powerful engine. This engine is considered to be one of the most popular engines among the farmers. 2 cylinders have been used in this. The engine generates 2000 rpm. There is 1854 cc engine capacity. It has water cooling system. This does not make the engine hot.

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gearbox and steering

Preet 2549 Transmission is available in 10 Speed Gear Box. Which is directly connected to the engine. This makes this tractor work with great performance. It has 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. Its gearbox makes it more drive efficient. This tractor has Single Right Type Clutch and Power Steering.

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The dimensions of this Preet 2549 tractor are built in. That he can take the shape of a complete tractor. That is why its wheelbase has been kept at 1625 mm. It measures 2780 mm in length and 1130 mm in width. Its ground clearance is 180 mm.

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lifting capacity

The lifting capacity of Preet 2549 tractor is 1,000 kg. Due to this, this tractor always remains ahead in transporting crops in the fields and fulfilling other commercial purposes.

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special features

The company has included many special features in Preet 2549 tractor. These include Adjustable Operator Seat, Powerful Headlamp, Beautiful Design, 21.03 HP PTO Power.

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brakes and tires

The brakes of this tractor come in Dry / Oil Immersed option. These brakes prevent slippage and accidents. Preet 2549 Tractor is a 2 WD Tractor. Whose front tires come in 5.2 X 14 / 6 x 12 and rear tires in 8.3 x 20 inch sizes.

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Key Specifications

Preet 2549 tractor is introduced with many special specifications. which is like this.

  • This tractor can easily cater to agriculture and commercial utilities.
  • This tractor comes with Fuel Efficient Engine. Due to which it provides more savings.
  • Its spare parts are easily available. These are found in all cities.
  • It has high lifting power capacity and PTO power.

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The Preet 2549 2wd tractor is adept at performing all agricultural tasks. It is mostly used for loading cotton, sugarcane, grape bags and orchard fruit crops. Apart from this, its other commercial utility is also not less.

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price affordable

The Preet 2549 tractor price is from Rs. 4.80 Lakh to Rs. 5.30 Lakh. This Preet tractor price is in easy reach even for small and marginal farmer brothers. Considering the features of this tractor, the price is reasonable and fixed according to the convenience of the customers.

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