Ola Troubled Everyone, People Are Looking For Alternatives Before Buying, Know The Matter

Ola Troubled Everyone, People Are Looking For Alternatives Before Buying, Know The Matter

Ola Electric Scooter: In view of the demand for electric scooters, now new electric scooters are being launched in India everyday. But despite having so many options, people are buying Ola electric scooters in large numbers. Ola is the largest electric scooter selling company in the country. Despite all this, the problem of hail is increasing a lot.

The company is always in controversies. All the incidents that happen with its scooters keep it in the limelight. The incident of fire in their scooters came to light some time back. After this, the incident of breaking of the front suspension started happening. For these reasons many questions are being raised on the company.

Ola is tempting customers

Seeing all these incidents increasing, Ola has announced a new plan to attract customers. The company has given an option to change the front fork suspension of Ola S1 scooters free of cost. At present, the company has recalled all its scooters and has asked to change its front suspension free of cost.

If you also want, you can easily get its front suspension changed for free by visiting your nearest experience center. After that the company has said that if any customer wants to upgrade their electric scooter then they can take an appointment. His appointment window will remain open till March 22. Apart from this, if the customer wishes, he can book an appointment by visiting his nearest Experience Center.

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With all these announcements, Ola wants to prove that it is very dedicated towards its customers. The design and features of the scooter make it quite unique. In such a situation, the defect in the scooter will completely spoil the image of the company. Ola Electric is about to launch many of its two wheelers and four wheelers in the coming times.

Out of this, the first electric sedan can be launched this year itself. That's why to save its credibility, the company has talked about upgrading the scooter for free. If you are also a customer, you can take an appointment till March 22. Apart from this, you can also take an appointment sitting at home with the help of mail.