Not Low Price, it is Unmatched Even in Average, What is More Special in These Five Bikes, Know Full Details!

See the bike with the highest mileage available in the Indian market, that too in a cheap price

Five Bikes, Know Full Details!

india zee news: The number of bike lovers is more visible in India. Because it does not take up much space on the roads and you can ride the bike comfortably even in traffic. But if bike lovers get a low price and good average while buying a bike, then it will be like icing on the cake for them. Today we will also tell you about five such bikes which will give you the best mileage along with the low price.

Bajaj CT 110X

Bajaj company's CT 110 X bike promises to give you a good average at a low price. With this amazing bike, you can easily travel up to 70 kilometers with one liter of petrol. This bike gets 115.45 cc four stroke single-cylinder engine. Due to which this bike is capable of generating torque of 9.81 Newton meters with the power of 8.6 PS. On the other hand, if we talk about its color option, then currently only three color options of this bike are available in the Indian market.

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tvs sports

If we talk about the next two wheeler bike, then this is the sports bike of TVS company. Which is strong in low price as well as average. 109.7 cc engine is available in this bike. Which generates power of 8.18 bhp and torque of 8.7 newton meters. TVS SPORTS bike price starts from Rs.53,875. And in this, customers also get seven color options.

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The price of this great Honda SP 125 bike starts from Rs.85,131. On the other hand, if we talk about its mileage, then this bike is capable of giving you a mileage of 65kmph. This is also claimed in many reports. If the bike is run at the same speed, then this bike can also give you more than 65 mileage. The Honda SP 125 is powered by a 123.94 cc four stroke SI engine with an elegant design. Which generates torque of 10.9 Newton with maximum power of 10.87 PS.

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This great HF DELUXE bike from Hero MotoCorp is available in the market in 4 variants as well as 10 color options. The starting price of which is 60,760. Apart from this, talking about the price of the top variant of the bike, it can be easily bought for 67,208. This bike of Hero company comes with 97.2 cc air cooled four stroke single cylinder OHC engine. Due to which this bike generates power of 7.91 bhp and torque of 8.05 newton meters.

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honda shine 100

This SHINE 100 of Honda, which runs 70 kilometers in one liter of petrol, has just been launched in the Indian market. The bike gets a four-speed gearbox as well as PGMFI technology. If the company is to be believed then it will be the most fuel efficient bike in this segment. 98.98 cc engine is available in this Honda bike. Which helps this bike to generate power of 7.61 bhp at 7500 rpm and torque of 8.05 newton meters.