MG Comet EV : Price, images, Features | MG Comet EV Price, images, Features

Hello friends, today we will reveal a vehicle which is all set to come in front of the world in a few weeks. A vehicle that will rock the EV sector. Yes, here we are going to reveal the MG COMET EV MICRO SUV electric car.

MG Comet EV : Price, images, Features | MG Comet EV Price, images, Features

MG Comet EV :  MG Motor India is going to reveal a new small electric car called the Comet by the end of April or May 2023. The car will be very small and have three doors, but it will also have many features that will make it comfortable and convenient to use. MG Comet EV is designed using a platform called GSEV. Which is also being used to develop other electric cars.

MG Motor India plans to use several locally sourced parts for the Comet. And the battery will come from Tata Autocomp. The company is also planning to introduce a new small SUV based on the same platform as the Comet. Which will have the same features and components.

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The Comet SUV is expected to be around 3 meters long. Which makes it very compact and perfect for city driving. The car will have three doors and will be designed for smooth driving in the city.

is to be expected. The styling of the new SUV will be similar to the Yep Micro SUV concept that was revealed by Baojun in 2022. The concept car also flaunts bigger wheels and tyres, which could be a part of the new SUV.

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The MG Comet electric car has a 17.3kWh battery pack and a single motor. Which produces 40bhp. The new micro SUV is expected to be released in 2025. And it will have a dual-motor setup with 100hp and all-wheel drive.

MG will have plenty of time to tweak and improve the GSEV platform for the micro SUV, which should help bring down the price. The new SUV will be positioned higher than the MG Comet and is expected to be priced under Rs 15 lakh.

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