Mahindra Thar New Model And Image Color 2023

Mahindra Thar New Model And Image Color 2023

Mahindra Thar New Model: There would hardly be anyone who does not know the Mahindra Thar vehicle. Why not even recognize its look and features which are so amazing. In India, Mahindra Thar is one such SUV which is very famous. Many people have dreams. That they also have such a car. More recently, the company also introduced its 4×2 version sometime back. This is the best thing. That too people have liked it a lot. Actually very soon Mahindra Thar is going to meet you in a new look. In the new version, its design will be changed to a great extent. But what is the need of this? Let's understand. Full issue.

For your information, Mahindra had introduced the commercial vehicle Roxor off-roader based on Thar in the United States in the year 2018. But after some time, the sale of this car was suddenly banned in the US. The real reason for the ban was the design of the car. Actually the design of Thar crosses the design trademark of Jeep. Many officers say that the design of Thar is like the car used in the Second World War.

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For your information, in view of this issue, Mahindra Automotive chief Joydeep Moitra spoke to the Australian media and said, "Thar will not be seen in any international market. He also said that Kivo is making the Thar in a different design. This Thar will be a completely different model and will not infringe on anyone.

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