Lamborghini Sports Car Worth Crores Won in Lottery

Lamborghini Sports Car Worth Crores Won in Lottery

Lamborghini: Everyone wants to get the luxury sports car this expensive car. But due to being expensive, the dream of the people remains on the ground. But if someone's dream is fulfilled without any expense, then understand that God has expressed his happiness by tearing the roof. Something similar happened with a young man whose dream was fulfilled just because of a lottery.

A 24-year-old man named Grant Burnett, living in Falkirk, Scotland, recently won the luxury Lamborghini Huracan sports car worth crores by winning a one-click competition. But what happened just a few weeks after winning this car would break any car lover's heart.

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Actually, Grant Burnett, a resident of Scotland, bought the lottery ticket by paying only 99P (Pence). His luck shone as soon as he won the lottery, because he was given a luxury Lamborghini Huracan sports car worth crores as a gift. But Burnett could not even enjoy driving this car yet, that car crashed badly in an accident recently. Reportedly, this was the company's first ever supercar raffle, and has attracted a lot of attention among car enthusiasts in the country>

According to global media reports, Burnett had two options after winning the lottery, either he could take the Huracan LP sports car or he had a chance to choose one for 100,000 pounds (about Rs 9,995,371, on exchange). Burnett chose the first option and brought home a gleaming luxury Lamborghini Huracan sports car.

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Within a few weeks of winning the car in the lottery, the news started spreading like a fire on social media. Then Burnett disclosed this matter through a post on Facebook and wrote that this has never happened. The accident of his car happened not because of him but because of a collision with a cow. Burnett wrote that the cow hit the car, which caused the car to spin and collide with other cars including the barrier.

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However, Grant Burnett should be safe in this accident and he has not suffered any kind of damage. Well whatever the case may be, but such a fate of a luxury car worth crores for just $12 can hurt anyone.