How Far Can An Electric Car Travel on A Single Charge

on A Single Charge

india Zee News: More than one electric vehicle is coming in the Indian market. In such a situation, the era of microline electric vehicle is also coming. Its people are very cute. It is small in size. It is a best option for a small family. It will run up to 230 kilometers in a single charge. It is small to see, but it is a tremendous electric vehicle.

Even before its arrival in the Indian market, 30,000 bookings have already been done. The company says that it has been placed between the car and the motor bike. It is a four wheeler electric vehicle.

Its size is smaller than nanos. This car has been covered all around. It can comfortably accommodate two people. It has 230 trunk space available. Its range is 230 km. It runs at a speed of 90 km per hour. Its base model gives a range of 115 km.

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You can run it for 1 week in single charge. It is a class L7e vehicle. That means it will work like a four wheeler cycle. But its design is like a compact car. It is made in Europe. Initially, it was introduced in Switzerland at a price of $ 15,340, ie 12 lakhs.

Its price in the European market is $ 13,400, ie Rs 10.5 lakh. The car will be delivered to Europe soon. The company did not give any information to bring this car to the Indian market.