Hero's Great Electric Scooter is Available in Just 13 Thousand

Hero's Great Electric Scooter is Available in Just 13 Thousand

Hero Vida V1: Hero's electric scooters have always been great. In such a situation, ever since the new Vida V1 has been launched, people are very eager to buy it. It is the second highest range electric scooter in the country. Its look makes it quite different from others. Great offers are being given in the month of March, in such an offer, you can buy it at a very low price. Electric scooters bought through EMI cost a lot less at one time.

Specifications of Hero Vida V1

The range of Hero Vida V1 Plus is tremendous. This electric scooter gives a range of 165 kilometers in a single charge. At the same time, its battery takes 6 hours to get fully charged. Hero Vida has a top speed of 80 kmph and has a battery capacity of 3.4 kWh.

The company offers a 3-year warranty on it and free repairs when parked before 30,000 kms. A 7000 watt motor has been installed in it. Its four color options have been made available to the customers.

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Electric scooter price and finance details

The ex-showroom price of Hero Vida V1 in Delhi is Rs 1,28,000. After this, including all taxes, its price becomes Rs 1,33,557. Let us tell you that its price may be different in different states.

You can make a down payment of 13,000 to buy Hero Vida V1. After the down payment, you will get the loan for 36 months. You will have to pay an EMI of ₹3873 every month on this loan. The bank will charge you an interest rate of 10% on this loan.