Hero Splendor Now in Electric, 240 Km Range And 85 Km Top Speed

Hero Splendor Now in Electric, 240 Km Range And 85 Km Top Speed

Hero Splendor Electric: The best selling bike in the Indian market is of Hero only. People like it very much. Its mileage is also very good. People like to take more of it. Gives good mileage in low cost. Also, now the company will launch the electric version of this bike.

Artist Vinay Raj has created an image of the Hero Splendor electric bike. Which looks like the production ready model. There are some cosmetic changes in this electric bike. Like there is space for the battery pack under the fuel tank. The dual-carrier chassis has been modified for the electric power train.

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Motor control in electric bike is in the side box. Below it is the motor. The drive is connected to the rear wheel through a covered belt. It has got E-V distinctive branding. This electric bike will be offered in the Indian market in four variants. Which also has standard utility+ range and range max.

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Know the driving range as well as battery pack

A 4KWH battery pack is available in its standard model. Which will give a range of up to 120 kilometers. The driving range of the Utility+ variant remains the same as that of the standard model. KWH battery pack is available in Range+Variant. Will give a range of up to 180 kilometers. Also, the Max variant can have a battery pack of 8KWH. Which will give a driving range of up to 240 km. But there is no storage space available in it.