Hero Electric Eddy Scooter in Low Price, Features And Range is Amazing

Hero Electric Eddy Scooter in Low Price, Features And Range is Amazing

Hero Electric Eddy: The demand for electric scooters is increasing day by day. Realizing this demand. Now all the auto companies. Be it old or new companies. Everyone is launching their new electric scooters.

If you are also planning to buy a new electric scooter. So now of electric scooter in the market. There are many ranges available. But if you are planning to get an electric scooter with high mileage at a low price. So bring Hero's Hero Electric Eddy scooter to your home.

Let us tell you in detail about all the features and specifications of Hero Electric Eddy scooter. As well as its price. And will also give information about the finance plan available on it.

Hero Electric Eddy Features

Talking about the features. In this you will find all digital and smart features available. All the features like USB charging port, navigation, display screen, smartphone connectivity, etc. will be available.

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Hero Electric Eddy Battery

Talking about the battery of Hero Electric Eddy. In this, you have been given a strong and powerful battery. Talking about the power of its motor. In this you have been given a powerful motor of 100 watts.

You can fully charge this electric scooter in 4 to 5 hours. By fully charging this electric scooter. Can travel up to about 85 kilometers. Talking about the weight of Hero Electric Eddy Electric Scooter. Its weight is 94 kg.

If we talk about the color option you get in this. It is available in two different color options in the Indian market. The first color is Light Blue Light Blue. The other color is Yellow Yellow.

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Hero Electric Eddy Price

Talking about the price. The price of this electric scooter of Hero i.e. Hero Electric Eddy scooter is Rs.72000. This is its ex-showroom price. Its on-road price increases to Rs.75634.