Government is Giving LED Bulbs For Rs 10, Take Advantage of The Scheme Soon

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LED : The demand for LED bulbs has been increasing in the Indian market for some time. Now you can buy 12 watt LED bulb from the market from ₹ 50 to ₹ 100. If you want to buy bulbs even more cheaply, then you must read this news.

The company is giving a guarantee of 3 years on behalf of Conversion Agency Services Limited with a bulb of ₹ 10, and 5 bulbs will be given at ₹ 10 per bulb.

The government runs many schemes. Under one such scheme, it has been decided to save electricity. CESL has decided to sell LED bulbs at low prices. This year on National Energy Edition Day created a new record by selling 10 lakh LED bulbs in 1 day.

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Along with this, become a part of it with the general public at the Panchayat level, in which bulbs were distributed to all. The general public is also a part of this scheme. A certain number of LED bulbs can be purchased at the rate of ₹ 10 per bulb by visiting the official website. Ration card holders will be given 5 bulbs per family at subsidized rates.