Golden Opportunity To Buy Maruti Ertiga at Just Rs.3.80 Lakh. Know The Real Price

Maruti Ertiga can be a better option for customers thinking of buying a second hand car.

Golden Opportunity To Buy Maruti Ertiga at Just Rs.3.80 Lakh. Know The Real Price

Maruti Ertiga: The search for a family car in India stops at the Maruti Ertiga. This is because it is the only car at a low price. Which can comfortably take a family on a journey. For those customers who cannot buy new Maruti Ertiga, we are going to give information about second hand Ertiga with some best offers. If you are going to buy new Ertiga. So it may cost Rs 8.64 lakh initially. This price goes up to Rs 13.08 lakh with the top model. Let's know. Check out some of the offers available on Second Hand Ertiga.

1: A 2012 model Maruti Ertiga registered on OLX is being sold for Rs 4,35,000. This car has run 51 thousand kilometers till now. Coming with diesel engine, manual transmission, this car is getting power steering.

2: The 2019 model of Maruti Ertiga registered in UP RTO is being sold for Rs 9,25,000. This car has run 59 thousand kilometers till now. The 2019 model Ertiga also comes with the facility of parking sensors along with adjustable steering, air conditioner, heater.

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3: The 2018 model Maruti Ertiga is available for Rs 7,70,000. This car has covered a distance of more than 52 thousand kilometers till now. Power steering, ABS with Bluetooth connectivity is being offered. Finance facility is also being provided with this model of Ertiga.

4: The 2022 model Maruti Suzuki Ertiga has been driven for only 9,800 kms. And its price has been kept at Rs 13,30,000. With this, finance and exchange facilities are also available. Along with this, insurance validity till 2025 is also available.

5: An Ertiga registered on OLX is listed as a 2012 model. Its price has been fixed at Rs 3,80,000. This car has traveled 1.4 lakh kilometers so far.

Note: All the information given about the second hand model of Ertiga is taken from OLX. More information about the car will be available from the website of OLX.

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