Entry OF Electric 'Microline', Even Bigger Than Maruti in Car Segment

Entry OF Electric 'Microline', Even Bigger Than Maruti in Car Segment

Nowadays the price of petrol and diesel is skyrocketing. In such a situation, companies are taking out more than one vehicle. Maximum number of electric vehicles are being introduced in the Indian market. In such a situation, there is an electric vehicle named Microline, it is smaller than the Nano. Only 2 people can sit in this electronic car. It gets 230 liters of trunk space.

The weight of a vehicle is 535 kilos. Its range is up to 230 kms. It runs at a speed of up to 90 kilometers per hour. It is available in 115 base models. The car can be run for only 1 week in a single charge.

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Its battery is given small. 90% of its parts are made in Europe. 30,000 reservations for this vehicle have already been done. Also, first of all it will be introduced in Switzerland.

The cost of a car can be around 12 lakhs. Its price in Europe can be 10.5 lakhs. Delivery of this car should also be started in no time.

The electric vehicle has been manufactured at the company's facility in Turin, Italy. It is being said that the production capacity of the plant has been increased from 15,000 vehicles to 10,000 units every year. Many pictures of this electric vehicle have come to the fore. And it is spreading in the hearts of the people. People are liking this logo a lot.