Electric Scooter With A Range OF 120 Km, Will Buy The Scooter Today After Seeing The Price

Electric Scooter With A Range OF 120 Km, Will Buy The Scooter Today After Seeing The Price

Budget Electric Scooter: India is the world's largest two wheeler market and the demand for electric scooters and bikes in this market is increasing day by day. Recognizing this market, all the big companies are launching their electric two wheelers. But even today, more than big companies, some small startups have done wonders in this market.

One of these companies, AMO Electric has launched its budget electric scooter Jaunty Plus in the market. Coming at a low price, the electric scooter gives amazing range. If you want, you can buy this scooter only on down payment.

Special features of AMO Electric Jaunty Plus

Jaunty Plus is the best electric scooter of the company which is liked by all. The company claims that this electric scooter gives a range of 120 kilometers in a single charge. At the same time, it takes 4 hours to get fully charged. The new Jonty Plus electric scooter is powered by a 1265-watt motor that propels it to a top speed of 50 kmph.

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Apart from this, a 60 watt battery has also been given in it. We get the best range from this battery. The weight of this scooter is 237 kg and three color options are available inside it.

New Electric Scooter Price and Finance Plan

The ex-showroom price of AMO Electric's Jaunty Plus electric scooter is ₹ 74440. This is the price of this scooter in Delhi. If you live in any other city, then there may be a difference of a few rupees in it. After buying this scooter at this price, you will also have to get insurance of ₹ 3651.

In this way, the price of this electric scooter becomes ₹ 78111 onroad in Delhi. If you do not want to buy a scooter at this price, then you can take the help of a finance plan. All the banks today give loans on vehicles. For this, you have to make a down payment of only ₹ 8000.

After this the remaining money will be given by the bank. The tenure of this loan can be of 3 to 5 years. If your loan is for 3 years, then in these 36 months you will have to pay EMI of ₹ 2252 every month.