Electric Scooter, Features And Price Made Everyone Crazy

Electric Scooter, Features And Price Made Everyone Crazy

Liger X Self Balancing Electric Scooter: Electric scooters are in full swing in the Indian auto market. You will find more than one electric scooter. But today we will tell you about such an electric scooter, which balances itself. That is, in a way it is a self balancing electric scooter. This Self Balancing Electric Scooter can self balance itself by taking two people with no support. This electric scooter is completely made by the Indian company Liger Mobility.

Liger X Self Balancing Electric Scooter details

Talking about Liger X Self Balancing Electric Scooter, it has been made by an Indian company named Liger Mobility. This self balancing electric scooter was showcased at the Auto Expo 2023.

Let us tell you that this electric scooter has been introduced with advanced technology and due to this it can balance itself without any support. Due to this there are chances of reducing the danger like accident. With this, a new scooter rider can learn to ride it easily. Actually there is no risk of falling in Liger X electric scooter.

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Liger X Self Balancing Electric Scooter Price and Range

Talking about this self-balancing scooter, the Liger X electric scooter offers a range of 60 kilometers after full charge. And its second model Liger X+ claims 100 km range. The top speed of both these electric scooters is 65 kilometers per hour.

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Liger X Self Balancing Technology

The self balancing technology used in this scooter is made in India only and due to this technology this electric scooter is different from all others. This electric scooter has the capability of self-balancing a weight of up to 150 kg. Talking about the price, the company claims that due to this technology, the cost of the scooter has not been affected much. One advantage of self-balancing is that even those people who cannot ride a bicycle will be able to ride it.

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Liger X Electric Scooter Features

Talking about the features of this self-balancing electric scooter, very special features have been given in it. This is the first electric scooter, in which the feature of driving assist has been given and at the same time it can be controlled by voice. If seen, features like Self Balancing, Liquid Cooled Battery, Thermal Run Away Protection, Robust Battery Management System, Removable Battery, LED Display, Navigation and Call/SMS Alerts are available.

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Liger X Self Balancing Electric Scooter Price and Booking

Talking about the price, the initial price of Liger X Self Balancing Electric Scooter has been kept at Rs 90,000. This is a budget electric scooter. Its booking has started and it can be booked from the company's official website. The delivery of this electric scooter will start this year itself. At the same time, there is information that the delivery of the scooter will be done in different phases and will start delivering gradually.