Electric Scooter Available in Only 31 Thousand, With Long Range With Features

Electric Scooter Available in Only 31 Thousand, With Long Range With Features

Ujaas EZY Electric Scooter: Amid rising fuel prices in the country, many people are preferring to buy electric scooters. But due to the high cost of electric scooters, many people are unable to buy them even if they want to. If you also want to buy a new electric scooter and your budget is low. So in this report today we will tell you about the electric scooters available in the Indian market at less than Rs 50,000.

Attractive look of Ujaas EZY

The electric scooter we are talking about has been named Ujaas EZY Electric Scooter. The company has introduced it in the country's market some time back. Its design is very attractive. This is the company's Damdar battery pack electric scooter. In which you also get a good range. The company has also installed many modern features in it. If you also want to buy this electric scooter, then know about some important things about it.

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Specifications of Ujaas EZY

In Ujaas EZY Electric Scooter, the company offers a drive range of 60 km. At the same time, the company has connected the battery pack in it with a 250-watt electric motor. It is capable of generating more power. Talking about the charging of the battery pack fitted in it, the company claims that the battery in this scooter gets fully charged in 6 hours.

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Affordable price of Ujaas EZY

Talking about its features, you get to see many other features along with tail LED lamp, digital speedometer, digital odometer, digital trip meter, start button and charging point. The company has introduced this electric scooter in the country's market at an initial ex-showroom price of Rs 31,880. Its on-road price is Rs 40,896.