Crowd Started For Ola S1 Scooty Available in Only 4 Thousand

Crowd Started For Ola S1 Scooty Available in Only 4 Thousand

Ola S1 Electric Scooter: Ola is the country's largest selling electric scooter company. It has sold the highest number of 17,667 units in the month of February. No one can hold his hand in the matter of electric scooters. The look and features of Ola scooters are quite different and unique from all other scooters.

This is the reason why people look forward to buy it. But its cost is also very high, so today we will tell you how an electric scooter can be bought on loan. It will cost you very little money. Today all the finance details related to this scooter are going to be talked about here.

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Ola S1 finance details

You can buy Ola S1 at a down payment of just ₹4446. After this you will be given a loan of ₹ 84479 by the bank. The bank is going to charge an interest rate of 10% on this. Talk about its EMI, then you will have to pay EMI of ₹ 3015 every month for 36 months. On these easy installments, you can make the best electric scooter your own.

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It takes 4 hours for 2 kW.

The front wheel of the electric scooter has disc brakes and drum brakes at the rear. It also gets the option of electric start with alloy wheels. Its performance in the market is very good that's why people want to buy it. But due to its high cost, many people are not able to buy it. That's why today you can buy it through finance plan here.