Car 2023 Between 3 To 5 Lakh

Car 2023 Between 3 To 5 Lakh

Car 2023: There are many such people. Have to buy a car to live. But they don't have that much budget. So that he can easily buy a car, so today we will see cars between 3 to 5 lakhs in 2023, which will make it easier for people to search.

The first car in this list.

1. Maruti Suzuki 800 | Maruti Alto 800 LXi CNG

Car 2023 between 3 to 5 lakh

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Maruti Alto 800 LXi CNG

This car is no less than a luxury car for middle class family. The engine of this car is 796cc. And this car runs on CNG. So its mileage will also be good, the company has given its mileage as 31.5. Which is great.

Along with this, you get different types of features in it. Like over speed warning, seat belt warning, ABS (anti-lock braking system), smart dashboard is not there in this car. But this car is an example of mileage and its value.

Maruti Alto 800 LXi CNG Price: Can be from 4.75 to 5 lakh 50 thousand.

Tip: Generally the on road price of a car varies from city to city.

2. Maruti S-Presso | Maruti S-Presso std

Car 2023 between 3 to 5 lakh

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Maruti S-Presso STD

This car also comes with petrol engine and CNG. That's the only difference. That the cost of a car with petrol engine is less than that of CNG. This car comes with a 998cc engine. And its company mileage has been given from 24.44 to 32.73.

This car also comes with features like overspeed warning, seat belt warning, ABS. And in this also you will not get to see the smart dashboard. But according to our budget this car is right.

Maruti S-Presso std price starts from 5 Lakh to 7 Lakh. In this you will get to see different variants.

Note: Before buying any car, take complete information from your nearest showroom.

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