4 Cheapest CNG Cars, Brought in a Budget of 4 Lakhs, Will Get The Best Mileage


CNG Cars: Ever since there has been a problem of rising petrol diesel prices along with pollution in the country. Since then people have started preferring to take CNG vehicles. Which gives great mileage along with saving a lot. In view of the increasing demand of the customers, the companies are also attracting the users by launching more than one excellent mileage CNG cars. If you are also thinking of buying a CNG car with good mileage. So you will be better off getting a factory fitted CNG car. If you opt for CNG kit installed from outside in your car. So there is a lot of fear of a major accident in this. Along with this, your car will also not be approved by the government, due to which many problems can arise.

If you buy CNG car from showroom. So a higher price has to be paid for this. In such a situation, buying a second hand CNG car can prove to be a good option for you. Maruti Suzuki True Value is one such website. Where you will find old condition vehicles with very low prices. On this site, a certified CNG car can be found by the company in a budget of 4 lakhs. Today in this article we are telling you about some very low cost CNG cars.

Maruti Alto 800 CNG

The CNG model of the 2013 model Alto 800 has been listed for sale on the Maruti True Value website. Where its price is only 2.3 lakh rupees. This is a first owner car. Which has run till 52997 km only. This gleaming red colored car is registered with the number of Delhi.

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Maruti WagonR CNG

The 2018 model WagonR CNG is also listed for purchase on the same website. Which is the first owner car whose price is said to be around Rs 4.55 lakh. It has covered a distance of 48521 kms so far. This white colored car is registered on the number of Delhi.

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Maruti Celerio CNG

The Maruti Celerio CNG car of the 2019 model is considered one of the most mileage efficient cars in the country. This is listed for sale with ₹ 5 lakhs. It has run 85,899 kms so far. This white colored car is a first owner CNG car. Which is registered on Delhi no.

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Maruti WagonR CNG

The 2017 model WagonR CNG car is also available for sale on the Maruti True Value website. Its price has been kept at ₹ 5 lakh. This car has run for 85,154 kms. Which is registered on Delhi no.

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