Beauty Tips: Get Milk-Like Fair Skin With The Use of Tomatoes, Know How

If you are worried about your skin tone. Or you have a lot of spots on your face. So we are going to tell you an easy way. Using which you can get rid of all these problems soon. Because many women are like this. Due to going outside, due to sunlight, she becomes a victim of dullness on her skin. To overcome all these complaints, we have come up with a very simple home remedy.

By using which you can give your face a wonderful soft and glowing glowing skin. Although many expensive products also come in the market to enhance your face. But the use of chemical products also damages our screen. That's why we will prepare an ice cube very easily at home using tomatoes, which we can use on our face to remove facial pimples or pimples. So let's know. The method of making this.

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Ingredients required to make Tomato Ice Cubes

two tomatoes
a spoonful of honey
water as required

Tomato Ice Cube Recipe

To make tomato ice cubes, first of all, wash two ripe tomatoes thoroughly and put them in a mixer and make a smooth paste.

When your tomato paste is grinded finely, then add one spoon of honey to it.

If you have spots on your face. So you can also mix mint leaves in it.

When you mix the tomato mixer well. Then put it in an ice cube tray and keep it inside the fridge for 3 to 4 hours.

How to use tomato ice cube

Before applying tomato ice cube on the face. Make sure that you wash your face thoroughly with water and dry it.

After this, pick up a cube of tomato ice cube and mix it well on your face and massage it.

After doing this, leave it continuously for 10 minutes.

After this you wash the face with plain water.

Keep in mind that the results will not be visible immediately from one use. That's why you must use it continuously once or twice a week.