The Actress Was Embarrassed By Pawan Singh's Antics, The Hottest Video With Sanchita

The Actress Was Embarrassed By Pawan Singh's Antics, The Hottest Video With Sanchita

Pawan singh: Bhojpuri industry is full of stars more than one. There are many types of controversies in the Bhojpuri industry. But in Pawan Singh's dance video, the actress keeps changing. Akshara Singh has acted with Pawan Singh for the longest time. There was a lot of controversy between the news of Pawan Singh and Akshara Singh's marriage. Many battles also took place between Pawan Singh and Akshara Singh. Akshara Singh is also the queen of dance. Akshara Singh and Pawan Singh's dance is very fire-fighting. Haryanvi dances faster and faster than Sunita Baby.

Famous actress Sanchita Banerjee in Bhojpuri industry has been in limelight for her dance videos. Sanchita Banerjee has also been active on social media for the last few years. In this video, a very good pair is seen with Pawan Singh. People have shared this song a lot. Let's see this video.

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Pawan Singh and Sanchita Banerjee

This song is 'Jaan Leba Ka Ho Baj Gail Chaar'. This is from the movie Crack Fighter. This song is in a lot of headlines on YouTube. In this, the chemistry of Pawan Singh and Sanchita Banerjee is bang. Both these actors are performing very well on the bed. Seeing such dance videos, the wait for the latest and upcoming videos also increases among the people.

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For your information, you can see in this song that Pawan Singh is romancing with the actress at midnight. And in this song she is seen getting rid of the chase. The actress herself says that it is too late. This song is sung together by Pawan Singh and Priyanka Singh. The lyrics of this song are by Vinay Nirmal and the music is by Chhote Baba. People are liking this song very much. 6,249,021 people have seen this song so far. This song has been uploaded on the YouTube channel named Wave Music.