Madhu Sharma Clings To Nirahua in Wet rain, Crossed All Limits of Boldness

Madhu Sharma Clings To Nirahua in Wet rain, Crossed All Limits of Boldness

Haryanvi Dance: The pairing of Nirahua and Amrapali is considered the best in Bhojpuri. Like the pair of Pawan Singh and Akshara Singh was a superhit. Now Madhu Sharma is rocking with Nirahua in place of Amrapali. Bhojpuri videos are on top of the most viewed songs in India. You don't have to make up your mind to dance on Bhojpuri. Feet start rising as soon as the song starts playing.

The pair of actress Amrapali with Bhojpuri superstar Nirahua has been very much liked by the audience, the videos of their romance have become increasingly viral on social media, among them the old romantic video of actress Madhu Sharma has also been uploaded on YouTube. but trending. In this song, the romantic style of Nirahua and Madhu Sharma is being seen in the rain. In which they are seen getting very close to each other. The title of this song is 'Pyaas Tan Ke Bujha Ja'. In the song, Madhu Sharma is looking very bold in a yellow colored saree. With her beautiful looks, she is pulling Nirahua towards her and not only here, seeing her HOT style, Nirahua has been pulling towards the actress.

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In the song going viral, Nirahua and Madhu Sharma are seen romancing in the midst of heavy rain showers. Although this song is very old, but seeing their romance, a new enthusiasm is being awakened in the people. This song is being searched a lot by the people for some time now.

Nirahua and Madhu Sharma's HOT style on the song 'Pyaas Tan Ke Bujha Jaa' is hurting people. Their pair is being liked a lot in this song. Nirahua and Madhu Sharma have appeared in many films. Whenever this pair is seen on the big screen, there is a stir.

Please tell that this song has been shot on Nirhua and Madhu Sharma. This song is sung by Pamela Jain, while its lyrics are penned by Pyarelal Yadav and music is composed by Dhananjay Mishra. This song has been uploaded on the YouTube channel named Ishtar Bhojpuri. This song has been viewed more than 1,564,350 times till the time of writing this news.