Strong Offer OF SBI, Earn 60 Thousand Rupees a Month By installing ATM

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INDIA ZEE NEWS: If you do not have any work, then there is no need to take tension. Now, to eliminate unemployment in the country, many such schemes are being run by government and non-government organizations, through which you can fulfill your dream of becoming rich. For this, it is necessary that you join new schemes and end the worry of earning money.

Now the country's largest and government bank SBI is ruling the hearts of the account holders. Which is important to know. SBI has now come up with such a scheme. By joining which you can comfortably earn equal to a job sitting at home. If you ignore SBI's offer then you will have to repent.

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In fact, SBI has now resolved to increase its ATM service in every district of all the states of the country. Who is taking big steps. The work of distributing franchisees for ATMs is being done by the bank. Which you can take advantage of very comfortably. If you delay in this, then understand that the opportunity will slip out of hand, which will not come again and again.

If you get the franchisee of SBI ATM. Then every month the income of Rs 60,000 will be comfortable. That's why it is important that you know some important things carefully for the franchisee of ATM. For which many conditions have to be known.

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Important things for franchisee

If you want to get the franchisee of ATM then you have to know some important things. First of all, you must have 50-80 square feet of land. Its distance must be at least 100 meters from another ATM. This place should be on the ground floor and must have good visibility. Along with this, it is necessary to have 1 KW power connection as well as 24 hours power supply.