How Can You Sell 5 Rupee Note At a High Price, Know The Price of 786 Number Note

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india Zee News: Many people are fond of keeping old notes and coins. Those notes and coins should also have some specialty. If you also have such notes or coins, then you will be able to become rich overnight. You can earn lakhs of rupees by auctioning these coins. Today we will give you complete information about this article..

People are selling British era coins for lakhs. And deer printed ₹ 5 note is being sold in lakhs of rupees. If you also have such notes or coins, then you can earn lakhs of rupees.

Similarly, you can earn lakhs in exchange of ₹5 note. The picture of a tractor should be made in this ₹ 5 note. Also, the number 786 should be printed. There are many online websites where you can buy and sell old notes and coins.

Old bundles of such coins and notes are sold for 11.10 lakhs. In which 4 coins should be of year 1961, three coins should be of year 1962, and some should be of year 1963.

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don't know where to sell

To sell such coins and notes, you have to contact the online website. Go to the official website of ebay.

Register by going to the home page.

Give information about old notes.

Upload front and back images of notes and coins. Submit after uploading the details and photo.

Anyone who wants to buy will contact you.