Business Idea: Become Owner OF Crores OF Rupees By Planting Mahogany Trees

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Business Idea: By the way, the first desire of the people of the farmer family is for the job. Everyone searches for employment after being educated. Even after all the efforts, people are not able to get the job. Due to which there is also a danger of economic crisis hovering over the people. Meanwhile, if you are worried about rising inflation. And want to earn big money sitting at home. Then what is the delay?

Till now there are many such works across the country. With which you can fulfill the dream of earning big in one go. For which some important things have to be taken care of. To earn money you need to complete a small business. By the way, this business is for the farmer family. In which people are realizing the dream of earning big money.

If you have land then you By selling Mahogany Tree Farming. You can earn big money in one go. For which some method will need to be known. You can complete the journey of becoming a millionaire in one stroke from this tree.

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Know how to start a business

Farmers across the country can complete the journey of becoming rich by cultivating mahogany. Mahogany wood is sold at the rate of Rs.2000 per cubic feet. Its one tree is easily sold up to 40000-50000 rupees. The farmer planted 120 trees in this one acre. You can earn 2 crores easily.

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Know how much the girl costs

If you want to cultivate mahogany. Then some important things have to be known. Presently the price of wood is going from 2000 to 5000 feet. In this way, a tree gets an income of about 200000 rupees in its lifetime. The growth and production of the plant depends on its maintenance.

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The plant gets ready in this time

The most important thing for the farmers is that. Mahogany trees take 25 years to fully mature. But after 12 years this tree can be sale.