Vastu: Swastik Made ON The Main Gate For Wishes, Problems Will Go Away in 7 Days

Vastu: Swastik Made ON The Main Gate For Wishes, Problems Will Go Away in 7 Days

Vastu is considered very much in Hinduism. It affects our life both negatively and positively. If there is a problem related to Vastu in any house, then illness, loss of money, estrangement and disputes keep happening there.

You can prevent disease, money loss, dispute and other diseases by taking Vastu remedies. You can make your life easier by doing Vastu remedies at home or in office. And can bring happiness in life.

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Swastik has great importance in Hinduism. People make swastikas when any work or any new thing comes. It is also called the symbol of Shri Ganesha. People make Swastik at the door of their house. People make it at the door for happiness, prosperity and wealth.

Swastik is a tantra. Like Om is considered as a mantra. Similarly, Swastik is also considered as Tantra. Swastik is made of two words. Su means 'good' and assti means 'to be'. That is, to be auspicious means to be welfare.

According to Vastu Shastra, Swastik should be made on the main gate with vermilion, it should be 9 fingers long and 9 fingers wide.

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made with special features in mind

Make swastika on the gate with vermilion only. Remember there should be no dust on the door.

After making Swastik, remember that there should not be a pile of shoes and slippers around it.

Swastik can also be made in the middle of the courtyard of the house. It is said that due to this, ancestors reside in the courtyard.

Inverted Swastik attracts negative things. It attracts negative things. And it can also kill. Everything can go wrong in the house. That's why make Swastik in the right way.