Know About All The Things Related To Lord Ram, OF Which You Are Unaware

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India Zee News: These days the echo of Lord Ram is happening fast in Ayodhya. Because after a long time, Lord Ram is being installed in Ayodhya. And with full enthusiasm, the construction of Ram temple is also being done, today we are telling you some such important information related to Lord Ram, knowing about which you will also be surprised.

Birth of Lord Rama

Very few people would know this thing about Lord Shri Ram that his birth is believed to be of 5114 BC in Treta Yuga. The Treta Yuga ended 1,296,000 years ago today. In this Yuga, apart from Lord Rama, Lord Vishnu incarnated as Vamana Avatar and as Parashurama. Lord Rama came in human form on the Navami of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month, due to which this date is celebrated as Ram Navami.

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Lord Rama is the descendant of Surya

Lord Rama was born in the Ikshvaku dynasty, which was King Ikshvaka, the son of Lord Surya, hence Lord Rama is also called Suryavanshi.

Lord Rama's rule

Lord Rama ruled the kingdom of Ayodhya for eleven thousand years. This golden period is known as Ram Rajya.

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Construction and length of Ram Setu

The Ram Setu was built by Lord Rama along with the Vanara Sena, which runs from Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu to Mannar in Sri Lanka. The main architects of this bridge were Nal and "Neel". The length of this bridge was about 30 km which was prepared in 6 days.

Abduction of Lord Rama

Ravana's brother Ahiravana abducted Lord Rama and Lakshmana and took them to Patal Lok to sacrifice them to Mahamaya Devi. But Lord Hanuman freed Lord Rama and Lakshmana by killing Ahiravana.

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Ram ji's death

It is said about the death of Lord Rama when Yamadev disguised as a saint went to the palace to meet Rama in Ayodhya in the absence of Hanumanji. Yamdev had put a condition while talking to Shri Ram that the conversation between us would remain secret. If someone came between us while we were talking, the gatekeeper would have to be put to death. Then Ram gave him a promise but at that time Hanuman ji was not present there, due to which Lakshman ji stood as the gatekeeper.

When Yamdev said to Ram ji, Lord, now you have to return to your world, your life on earth is complete. Only then sage Durvasa came there and insisted Laxman to go inside. Then he told Laxman in anger that if he would not let him inside, he would curse Shri Ram.

Lakshman ji knew the anger of Durvasa. So Lakshmana without worrying about his life went inside to get Durvasa's permission to go inside. The conversation broke down as soon as Laxman went inside and Ram ji was forced to give death sentence to his dear younger brother Laxman. Laxman also did not want to break his favorite brother's promise and to fulfill his brother's promise, he went to the Saryu river and took water samadhi. Rama became so sad after Lakshmana left that he also decided to take Jal Samadhi. After this Ram ji went to the Saryu river and took water samadhi.